Quilting, a source of bliss


if you are sitting idly at home and thinking what to do in your free time then quilting can really be a source of your interest and also happiness simultaneously. Quilting is a moderate type of 8 inches you have to show your skills by your hands only with the prop of threads and needles. This type of art needs a very much concentration to do it and it has a variety of patterns to do. Some patterns are stated below.

1. Starry night free motion design:

Starry Night free motion design is a design for you have to make some beautiful small stars all over the cloth to make it look like a sky full of stars. And the stars give a perky feeling when you look at them. The design is easy to make and appropriate for the people who want a modern design for the quilting work. Beginners can start with this design for sure because stars are not so tough to make and also it can be a great achievement to make a design like a sky on your cloth for the first time. These are usually really easy to work with when you have the best sewing machines for quilting. Check out this website to learn more about them.

2. Big and little butterflies:

Butterflies are always beautiful and if you make butterfly motifs on the cloth by quilting then it will look really cute and trendy. It can even be done to your fashionable clothes too. The butterfly motifs are easy to make and also it is a design which is consistent and also you have to make it with total concentration to make it look like a real one. The butterfly motifs are quite refreshing to see also as the cuteness in it makes the design look very much attractive.

3. Quilting houses:

A very unique design to make in your quilting exercise is to make small houses in different colors. These houses look very modern and perky by the colorful nature of this. The design of houses are quite easy for the beginners and they can make it simply by following the drawing of the houses on the cloth. Generally, the design of houses are not so consistent and also they can be done all over the cloth separately. but this design is really unique in nature other than conventional designs. Show the house designs can be given a try if you want a unique motif on your quilting.

4. Puzzle patterns:

Puzzle patterns look very model on the quilts and it is really easy to do also. You have to just ensure that the puzzles are made properly so that no confusion should be there about the pieces in the design. This can make your quilt look like something very unique and trendy. And the patterns are easy to make and really good for the beginners.


This was a small list of some unique quilting patterns which can give your stress reliever if you do them in your free time. The patterns are unique in nature and easy to make as a beginner. So you can surely give it a try if you want something new to do in your pastime.