Quilting is an art in which people find bliss as well as some source of income by doing it very efficiently. Types of quilting procedure and also different types of quilting patterns available in the market. It is a very good hobby to do in your pastime. And it is inexpensive to as you need only some threads and needles and a small cloth to do it. Some types of quilting patterns are listed below.

1. Wavy Walk:

It is one of the easiest quilting patterns among all in which all the process is very much simple itself. 8th board after doing the line patterns again and again so the wavy walk is a design by which you will be able to change your designing skills a bit and also it will look better after doing it. The waves made by the thread looks impressive. And it is very nice for the first-timers. It is an easy art which you can try for the first time you pick up threads and needles. and it is also a good design to make to impress other people and make them think that you can do something very useful by only a piece of cloth.

2. Interlocking circles:

This type of interlocking circles pattern is a very good stress reliever as the pattern goes in a very much slower nature. it is mainly like some circles which I interact with each other and makes some exotic design on your cloth. And making a circle is not so south even for the beginners. Doing this kind of circles battle makes your brain clean and stress-free like never before. So it isn’t a very good idea to start with interlocking circle pattern as the beginning exercise of quilting at your free time.

3. Truly checkers:

Truly checkers is all about making a checker pattern your thread and needles. The checker’s design is very unique in terms of looks and also it is really easy to do for the people who are doing it for the first time in their life. This is a very cool design to make in any type of clothes and even very much trendy according to the fashion also.

4. Super Swirly Free Motion Design:

These are beautiful soul designs which will give a Floor I look to the cloth which is quilted. this is really easy to make and a very good past time for the people who like quilting in the first place. The design is very interesting and the circular swirls are very interesting according to the design level of the fashion industry.


This was a very small list of some very nice design of quilting patterns. Quilting is a very good thing to do when you are free. It is a great stress buster and also it can enhance your artistic mind and skill to a certain extent. So anyone who likes the form of different kinds of arts should try this for sure.