Any kind of art is a very good stress reliever for everyone. So quilting can be one of them and it is really a very good way to pass your free time and also gain some knowledge of different kind of artistic approaches at home. There are different kinds of quilting patterns which can make people fall in love with this art instantly. And among them, some of the patterns are given below.

1. Bursting flowers free motion design:

Busting flowers free motion design is one of the quilting designs which will give you a feeling of a budding flower on your cloth. It is a kind of design in which it is shown that a flower is budding very slowly from the bud itself. The design is very easy to do and very soothing to the eyes also. It can be used in any of your trendy clothes in which you want some flower designs to make a nice style statement which will be beautiful as well as cute. so it is a great design to follow at the beginners level in which you don’t know much about quilting.

2. Leafy branches:

Leaves are the object which can make any art beautiful all together. and making leaves are quite easy for the people who are trying quilting for the first time in their life. The leafy branches of the tree make a nice combo of the calmness as well as the energy inside the human beings. And it looks very much absorbing when you look at them. Salifa designs are really in today. The designs which involve leaves are a really stressed reliever and soothing to your eyes. So it is a very good idea for the beginners to start with this design to gain knowledge in quilting.

3. Flower Swirls all over quilting:

The throughout flowery design is a design which is popular always. Making flowers are quite easy for the first timers also. so this is a very good design for the beginners to start their quilting lessons and exercises. The flower soils are easy to make and the design is consistent also. show the consistent design will make your mind free of all the tension and will rejuvenate you in your free time.

4. Tropical Orchid Quilting design:

Tropical orchids are also a very nice design idea for the quilting. The people who are really fond of nature to present their art they can grab the idea of putting tropical Orchid designs on their clothes. This will make their quilting patterns look modern as well as nature-friendly. this design is very trendy looking for the clothes also and the past time can be turned into a good business too.


this was a small list of some nice quilting patterns which you can do while you are sitting idly just with threads and needles. The patterns given here are very modern and easy to do for the beginners. So you can surely give it a try to make a hands-on quilting by these patterns.